Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knitting Aunt

not a professional

Okay, so I am not a professional blogger. I do love to READ blogs, just not so great at posting. I send so much email, it just seems redundant to re-write my life onto a here i go anyway.

A very quick and terrible summary of the past 3 months:
Lots of ups and downs in getting my business started but I DID FINALLY SIGN A LEASE. It's a simple and lovely property near my home. I will have adequate space for two chiropractors, a massage therapist and an office.

Christmas was very nice. A bit hectic but very nice. We went camping for New Years Eve weekend and were NEARLY hit by a tornado but it stayed on the other side of the lake....thank goodness. It did make for an exciting weekend.

DH has switched facilities at his job, it's been a stressfull and exciting adventure for us. I believe things happen for a reason and when it involves my DH, usually for a GOOD reason.....again, the patience thing....

We have decided to hold off on our decision to become Foster parents. It's a daunting task and we also feel we may have given up too quickly on trying to become biological parents. So we are going to try, try's a bit exciting but also kinda scary.

On the knit front, I have finished socks for FIL and MIL, they loved them. And I was so proud of myself. DH and I both want socks, so I am knitting away with some BEAUTIFUL yarn that I bought in Arizona.

I am also slowly but surely building a yarn stash. It's filled with such beautiful yarn....lots of new sock yarn, baby project yarn and a couple of really neat projects I may never start because I love to open the closet door and just PEEK in at my lace-weight yarn. It's almost too pretty to knit I crazy?

Mostly I have made FRIENDS! My knit friends are the best ever. They have helped me to blow off steam, be more patient, learn new things, see new places, find things in common with total strangers, celebrate, LAUGH and sometimes cry. They have each changed my life in amazing ways.

I would love to sign off and promise to post more soon.....but that just might be a lie.....