Friday, September 29, 2006

Knitting Aunt

I feel like an idiot! I just posted a personal blog on one of the blog groups I am Here I go....let's try this again.

I had a great day. Took a private knitting lesson on fishing techniques, had lunch with a friend and joined SOCKTOBER FEST.

What fun!

I am off to try to remove my blog from the wrong list.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Knitting Aunt

Good Morning!

I have been knitting this week but having trouble with the "finishing" part. I have a BEAUTIFUL hat and scarf for my friend for her birthday (it's already late) but the ends keep unweaving themselves and I will try to fix it on Monday before sending it out. I am also working on a baby blanket for another gift.

Best part is that I started shopping for my Knitters Tea Swap Pal. I found some lavender tea and lavender chocolate....something tasty and different. I am still searching for the perfect yarn to send to her.....maybe I'll find something in Sedona while we are on vacation.

I found a neat tea website for Dragonwater Tea Company. They have some wonderful looking Rooibus and flowering teas. I ordered myself a small sample. Should be here by next week.

I have the whole house to myself for a few hours....I am off to knit.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Knitting Tea Swap 2:

I am participating in an online swap. This is my first, didn't even know this type of thing exsisted until someone in my knitting group emailed a link. Then I did a google search and folks are swapping all over the internet. What a great idea! This photo is of my "tea stash". We were encouraged to flash our stash to the other participants. You can see that I enjoy herbal, white, green and black teas. It's been too darn hot in Texas the last few months to really enjoy hot tea but since it is raining today, I think I just might make up a pot.

This group has over 200 tea drinking knitters in it. We are exchanging tea, goodies and yarn for knitting. I am just too excited! but I am new to knitting so I will have to get some advice on what yarns to send to my swap-mate.

My knitting group has also decided to do a Secret pal swap. I signed up right away. We are exchanging goodies (chocolate and other such sweets), yarn and yarn accessories. It's going to be loads of fun!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wifey, you need flowers

This is what hubby said on Monday during grocery shopping. Not only did he go grocery shopping WITH me but he bought flowers. So now I have some by the kitchen sink, some on the counter and a beautiful little vase next to the computer.

I feel loved!
Stitch Markers...

Today I made stitch markers! They were easier than I thought and now I will have pretty ones instead of pink plastic rings.

I spent the day on the computer, trying to give constructive feedback to the wonderful woman who is creating the website for my Chiropractic Practice. She has a great deal of patience with me, thank goodness. It's so hard to convey a feeling thru design and color, especially if that has to be done thru someone else first. Well, when it's ready I'll post a link for all to see ;-)

I am off to knit with the wonderful DFW Chicks with Sticks group tonight. I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another post today so that I can share my most recent finished knitting projects.

My very first felted purse. I used Burly Spun Charcoal Heather from Simpatico and the pattern from the One Skein book. I am so proud of this project. I knit it all by myself.... these days, that is amazing since I still have so much to learn.

Also a washcloth. I am adicted to washcloths. They are instant gratification and the yarn comes in so many different colors. This one was the first knitted washcloth that I started. I also practiced changing my knitting from "too tight" to a little "too loose" and then "just right". So it's a bit wonky in some places, but it's okay...and it will clean up dirt just like any washcloth.

Wow, I feel like I have entered the dark side.....a blog....I didn't think I would every join myspace either, but I did that too. The internet has a force all it's own. Stay too long and you get drawn in.

It also helps busy people to connect and make friends, to stay in touch and to create a space where you can be yourself.

I have been coping with a major dose of life....nothing to mention on the internet....but a heavy dose of life.

Enter a wonderful woman who asked difficult questions: What do you LIKE to do?, What do you BELIEVE in?, Who are your FRIENDS?

...gasp.....I don't know....I don't this a test? If so, I need to see the four multiple choice answers first....

Then I began to remember: I love to scrapbook, knit, crochet, watch movies, READ about dragons, magic, women who grow together, stories of love and family....go camping, travel this great globe with my husband....

Oh yeah, I remember.....and it's not on an exam in 24 hours, it doesn't need triplicate forms filled out to be approved by a Staff doctor, it's just me. Post school me.

And so, I found Knitting Sisters. They are creative, funny, bold, charming, understand my need to keep too many projects started and not enough finished. It has reminded me that women need women....lots of them. Women like to help eachother, create together and make the world a softer and more colorful place.

So here I am The Knitting Aunt.....