Friday, October 31, 2008

Guatemala at 32 weeks!
(finding a ripe coffee berry)
(dressed in local Myan clothing)
(a cute street vendor)
(at our hotel)

We spent an amazing 4 days in Antigua, Guatemala for the wedding of Joe and Shelia. We took tours to make the most of our visit. We got to take a walking tour of Antigua learning about it's history as the capital of central america, we learned the workings of a coffee plantation, macadamia nut farm, a bit about the beautiful woven textiles famous in Guatemala. It was a grand time. The food was wonderful, the weather perfect and the company divine.

Now we are back home and I am recovering. I did great, walked everywhere and didn't miss out on anything (except the 3 hour volcano climb which I am glad we missed). I am more jet lagged and exhausted returning home than I was going to Antigua. Plankton was VERY active in Guatemala. I think he loved all the sights and sounds so different from my daily routine.

It's amazing how exhausting four days can be. I am still not back on track at home and work but hope that next week will go more smoothly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is me at 30 weeks....the belly is growing (and something is wrong with my camera because all of my 30 week photos are missing part of my head)

Baby Shower #2 (last one)

Plankton has the most talented "Aunties" he received 3 hand made quilts, receiving blankets, burp cloths, knit blanket, knit socks (with matching mommy socks), adorable knit dragon socks, and slip covered crates (these are so cute and they match the nursery). He also received many adorable toys, outfits, a monitor and more. It was a day filled with DELICIOUS food, laughter, tears and JOY!

Plankton has the best "Aunties" and "Grandmas" EVER! And he already knows their voices, he really moves around when he hears all of us chatting. I can't wait him to meet each of you....

Today, I am catching up on laundry, dishes and eventually I will put everything in the nursery away, but for now I just love looking in there with all the gift bags and wonderful tiny treasures.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Check out this link, I am about 1/2 way down the page of photos:

I have been attending Metro Mom events for about 7 months now, and this is the event everyone waits for. It's the Best and Hottest Event. We had a delicious dinner at Blue Mesa Grill. I met some new and lovely moms to chat with as well as old friends. Then everyone gets a number (random number selection) and then you get to choose your prize in number order. I picked NUMBER TWO! (there were 91 moms in attendance). So I chose the Stokke Sleepi System (the most expensive and largest prize on the floor). WOW! I was in SHOCK! Then at the end of the night, we got GOODIE BAGS! Not a bad take for the $45 ticket......

This is one lucky kid, I think he has inherited his Dad's luck already.....

Andrea, thank goodness sat next to me so that I didn't fall over from the shock and also has a taller SUV than me so she could bring the crib home....God Bless Andrea.....she didn't make out so bad herself. She came home with a really neat baby bathtub. Her photo is on the bottom of page 2.

We are 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant....time is ticking away. The Nurse-Midwife says all is well (as of my visit TODAY). I am measuring perfectly, the heartbeat is about 150 and Plankton kicked away the doppler so we know he is strong and in charge in his "widdle' womb". :-) I have gained about 14 pounds which may sound small to some ( the most common comment I get lately "but, you are so little") but I am right on track. Let's hope I can keep things that way. Since, Ice cream, root beer and frozen yogurt call to me constantly it might be hard to stay on track.....

More photos soon!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our First Baby Shower

(the Four Pregnant ladies, due in: December, January, March and May)

What a weekend! It started out on Friday with lots of errands to get ready for the showers. My shower was on Sat at Andrea's house. She and my SIL, Jennifer (with help from both grandmothers) did an amazing job. Everything was decorated with rubber duckies. It was ADORABLE. What a gift to have an afternoon full of Grandmothers and "Aunties" who can't wait for Plankton's arrival. The nursery is now full of baby goodness!

Then on Sunday we had my SIL's shower at our house. Another lovely party with beautiful tiny baby things everywhere. What fun!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who made this a fabulous weekend, and for your generous gifts for our precious little one.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Third Trimester- 28 weeks

I can't believe how quickly our pregnancy is flying by. The first trimester seemed to drag on forever and now the 2nd trimester is already gone. We have been very busy with work and so that sure makes the time fly.

(here we are last year at a Cousin's Wedding)
On Sept 23rd 1994 Jason and I attended the Monroe Community College Leadership Retreat. Jason said he fell in love with me on the bus ride to the retreat....I was alseep so I don't remember. We met that night during the ice breakers....well, several of us met, including TWO guys named Jason. By the first night it was obvious MY Jason and I had so much in common. We traded phone numbers written on smooth flat Lake Ontario Rocks (Jason was so creative even then, how could I forget a guy who wrote his number on a rock?), we cuddled around the campfire (he gave me his flannel shirt to keep me warm) and walked along the beach discovering we had a lot in common. Within three months of dating Jason made me a promise anklet (remember friendship bracelets?), and I didn't take it off until our wedding day two years later. We were officially engaged on the same beach where we met two years earlier and eight weeks after our engagement we were married. Some folks thought we were having a shot gun wedding.....HA! It took us 12 more years to get "knocked up". I can hardly believe it's been 14 years since we met.....time sure flies where you are having fun and we have had some FUN!

Happy Birthday Esther!
Our Wednesday Knitters Group has so much to celebrate! Today we had cake, dinner and then DELICIOUS frozen yogurt to help Esther celebrate her birthday. Over the past year this group has been getting together to knit at Yarn and Stitches. We have all become like a family. We celebrate the occasions together, support each other thru the stressful days and eat chocolate together when there are no words....Lately there has been a lot of celebrating. Overcoming infertility, pregnancy, birthdays, family triumph etc.

I just can't thank these ladies enough for helping me to keep my sanity over the past year. Not just during the stress but also in helping me to celebrate this pregnancy. I really needed that! I have needed all the celebration.....Knitting really is therapeutic when you have knit sisters like these! Wait til Plaknton meets his "Aunties"!