Thursday, March 26, 2009

As Promised:  More Photos and an update from our Doc visit today  

Baby is 13.8 pounds (37% percentile), Head Circ is 16.75 inches (77% percentile) and 25 inches long (63% percentile).  Doc says he is well developed, well nourished and alert, active with no apparent distress....other than teething.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

May I present THE cutest family EVER!

We had so much fun today at the Portrait Studio, daddy has this week off from work so we went to take started giggling and smiling for the camera and I said "daddy, this is going to be expensive...."  We got a great deal on our be ready to see more soon...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby's First Camping Trip:

We had an AWESOME trip.  Baby did wonderful, enjoyed the weather, stroller rides, shopping, his cousin, auntie and uncle.  He just didn't sleep so good in the camper, so we came home a day early....which was fine because today we did the grocery game, visited with Ellie and had dinner with Grandma Natalie and Grandpa Ira.

Check out all the camping photos on our Cousin's blog

We have a doctor visit Thursday....check back for the stats  :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Welcome to our new Niece/Cousin:

Here is the boy in his "green" outfit for today....thanks to Manda and her WONDERFUL knitting skills....of course it was 80 in Dallas so he wore it for the photo and then we had to strip him down to cool him off....  :-)

Approx. 105 days and 7 hours after our birth at the local birth center, my niece was born in the very same room.  She had a water birth, and her big sister cut the was WONDERFUL and very exciting!  Here we are welcoming her:

Here is my BIG boy!  He is getting HUGE!  We know he is over 14 pounds but have yet to get an "official" weight check at the doctor.  

I am doing so much better this week, now I know why folks say just wait until 3 months....all things really do change.  We are FINALLY settling into a sleep pattern that is "predictable" (all new parents know how loosely I use this term), he is eating better (imagine that), smiling, laughing and just all around a lot  more fun.  It's not that life with baby is "easy" by any stretch of the imagination but at this point it feels more "survivable" and there are moments that it is truly FUN!  

Hubby has this week and next week off from work (it's a cost savings shut down at work) so we get to be a little family EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It's so much fun!  We have projects to work on and both the boys have come to work with me a couple of times....I LOVE IT!  Tomorrow hubby is going to paint the family room (it has been in various stages of "started" since before thanksgiving) while baby and I are out with friends.  Then this weekend we are going CAMPING

It will be our first camping trip since Thanksgiving and our first trip with the baby!  

more photos to come.....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

3 month update:Here is the BIG BOY!  He is 14 pounds, by our bathroom scale.  I can't wait to get an "official" weight at the docs office.  Check out his "80 degree" day outfit. Yes, we had an 80 degree day yesterday.

Auntie Amelia came to visit and got to see the boy for the first time, she fell in LOVE, how could she not.  Plankton had two amazing days with two of his cousins.  He thought they were HILARIOUS, he just stared and laughed at them.  He refused to take any serious naps for fear he would miss a moment of the cousin-excitement.

Daddy's 34th birthday, last year we forgot to take photos and it was just the two of us.  This year we are a family.
And we spent the evening with our big family celebrating.  Good food and even better company.  
Cousin Ava, the "little mama".

And of course another video:  "Grandma Natalie" found this seat at Babies R Us and said "it's perfect, he must have it"......I wasn't too sure but of course the boy LOVES LOVES LOVES this new toy.  So now it is mammas favorite too  :-)  THANK YOU NATALIE!!!!