Friday, September 12, 2008

100 DAYS!

Well, my online countdown just hit 100. We know that less than 3% of babies arrive on or near their due date but that means I might have LESS than 100 days to prepare for Plankton's arrival.

I am TRYING to be at peace about this, knowing that after birth Plankton needs only me, daddy and some diapers....Check, Check, and Check. But I would LOVE to have the Nursery done (it's a complete disorganized mess right now), the upstairs family room painted and my knitting projects for him done....oh yeah and I am building my business every day (which is really exciting).

Then of course there is the: eat better, exercise more, read another 3-4 books on birthing, learn more relaxation techniques, etc etc. Those projects are on-going and never ending.

But, all of that will have to wait as I am off to the Knitting Fairy Sock Retreat. We'll be in Lindale, TX having a ball. We might loose power or live thru an tornado due to Ike....but it's all in good fun with some great knitting friends.

More photos soon: Knitting Photos and of course the ever growing BUMP

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yeah! Blogger is talking to me today! So here are the previously promised photos:

Our Little Family, on vacation

Me and Plankton on the Pier

Hubby on the Rock Beach....I love the rock beach, it's so beautiful and you can find the most amazing rocks (we collected some and have them as drawer pulls in our kitchen, stop by and check it out sometime)

This is the Knitting Room that is inside the Miniature Museum, that is inside the Fly By Night Cookie Company. we have to make a stop here every year. The cookies are YUM and the little cottage is just too cute. They have added a "Book Cottage" in the back yard. You can donate a book and take a book and leave donations for building a park. It's a neat community project and has done really well this year.

On the Knitting Front: I finished the Magic Shawl yesterday (but forgot a photo) and the wonderful Knitting Fairy is going to block and finish it for me....WOW, that is so divine...when I get it back, I'll take a photo. I also have put the Baby Vest in TIME OUT (my gauge was WAY off and the vest would have fit ME....but should fit Plankton).

So here is my revised "To Knit Before Plankton Arrives" list:
2nd Entrelac Sock (to be finished at the Sock Retreat) for me (they will match my bump sweater)
Felted Boots
Hat to Come Home in
Baby Kimono Sweater
Baby Surprise Jacket
Tofutisi Socks for me
Ophelia for me
My So Called Scarf (this is going to be my December "baby waiting" project)

I am also considering fingerless mitts as thank you gifts for the women who are helping me with labor and birth (Bradley Instructor, Midwife, birth assistant and counselor)...and I have THREE family babies to knit for due in January, March and May. That's it! no more time for working or cleaning or eating....just knitting :-D

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Four Days in Heaven

We spent four wonderful days on Lake Ontario with hubby's parents. They have the most adorable "cupcake" cottage on a little bay. We went for walks, ate delicious fresh fruits and veggies, went fishing and just relaxed. I finished New Moon by Stephanie Meyer....WOW, I really liked it and I enjoyed answering "What are you reading?" with "Vampires and Werewolves"...HA!

I have lots of other beautiful photos that I wanted to share but evidently Blogger and I are not on speaking terms this morning....I'll try again later.....

Here is the update on Plankton: He is now about in its 22nd week of development (at the start of month 6, the last month in the second trimester), is 8.4 inches (21.3cm) from crown to rump and weighs about 1.2 pounds (544g). He is starting to produce white blood cells, mostly for combating disease and infection, and may respond to Mom's touch or sounds.

Mom Update: I am feeling great!, more energy and have started belly is getting bigger. I finally look pregnant even for those who don't know me, which is fun. I still have days I am tired or get indigestion but that's all par for the course. Plaknton kicks/punches/dances/head buts all day long now. It's fun to feel him moving all around in his little womb.

I am knitting a shawl, small baby sweater (for a gift), socks (for a gift) and will soon begin Plankton's "coming home" hat. I am feeling the knitting "crunch". My list to TRY to get done before Plankton's arrival are:
Vest for baby
Kimono for baby
Coming Home Hat for baby (DH wants one too...we'll see)
Magic Shawl for me (great nursing cover up)...almost done
Felted Boots for baby (the pattern is so adorable)
Baby Surprise Jacket
Ophelia "vest/cardigan" for me

I am also taking a Sock and Sweater class at YNS, we'll see how far I get :-) I know it's a lot to try to get done before December as well as get the nursery and rest of the house ready.....but it's knitting so every stitch is fun and as much as I can get done will be wonderful!