Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sleeping Baby.....

well, i thought I better post it.....my baby is sleeping! Those of you who read my facebook, blog and talk to me hear me whine about my non-sleeping baby.....so I thought I better post when he IS sleeping :-)

he slept wonderfully the last two nights and is on his THIRD nap today, of course this is so unlike him, I am thinking he might be fighting something off (swine flu perhaps?....HA HA HA HA HA).

Actually, I think he finally wore himself out with all the weekend excitement and a very busy day yesterday.

I love his joy, laughter and excitement for life.....he is teaching me so much about my heart and how I need to live more in the moment.....what a gift!.....and it's so much easier to see that WHEN HE IS SLEEPING! :-D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me Too!

I received a call at 6:30am this morning that my SIL's babysitter was in the hospital last night and she needed someone to care for my little niece.....YEAH! I was so excited that JJ and I got to play today with his cousin.

Then the terror set in: I still had to get to work at 3pm. Would I be able to get dressed, eat breakfast, Pee with TWO babies?

I jumped in the shower, got dressed and put make up on while I had just one baby (JUST one....HA!). My niece arrived with big smiles ready to play. JJ smiled and laughed at the craziness yet to come.

My SIL then goes thru the instructions for my niece which include: feed her cereal (WHAT? OMG!), go ahead and just strip her down because the cereal goes everywhere," I just set her on my knee and feed her" she says (Again, WHAT?).....

Well, after all the instructions of bottles and diapers and naptime etc...she left for work and I stared at the two babies in my house.....trying to look brave so that they would not see my panic!

We settled into the bouncy seat and swing in my kitchen and I "put my big girl panties on" and started to mix rice cereal....I did however leave the little one in her bouncy seat with a bib on (no naked knee sitting in my house today, thank you very much). I start to feed her (she is really funny and LOVES her cereal, tries to grab the spoon but really just spits all the cereal out on herself) then JJ starts to fuss, so I pretend to give him a bite (the last time I did this he GAGGED in a big way so I figured the pretend bite would satisfy him) and go back to feeding my little niece. Then JJ starts to scream (me too, me too)....so I give him a real bite and he LOVES it. So now I had to mix him up his own bowl of cereal and feed one blue spoon bite and then one pink spoon bite.....it was so cute. My niece spit most of hers on her bib but really enjoyed it very much. JJ made faces like I was feeding him something rotten but cried for more. I didn't even use a bib because he just ate it up (and I am not so good with remembering bibs). I think we were both surprised!

I can't wait to try cereal again tonight with Daddy!

Now both babies are sleeping (after a very dramatic crying spell). Each cuddled up in their own bed. And I got to eat a bowl of cereal myself!

what a day! and it's only 11am.

Next will be "tummy time".....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I know for Sure:

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can prepare you for the complete change of life that mommyhood brings. It's like being dropped off, and I mean without time to plan the trip or pack your bags....just dropped off in a foreign country. No language skills, place to sleep, etc.

I am too sleep deprived to do math, give directions, think of a word, place or time of something we have done in the past, or operate big machinery...possibly ever again

The diaper bag must be repacked every day

Every piece of clothing has drool on it

I am more fun, exciting and beautiful to a four month old boy than I had ever imagined I could be......

I am still not sure it's an even trade for the pregnancy, labor, delivery, no sleep, no life, no money, did I mention NO SLEEP, change of life he has brought on...but it's been very interesting.

I have super-sonic mommy hearing....I can hear him breathe from across the room

I desperately need a pedicure (among other things)

Swaying, rocking, bouncing for HOURS every day doesn't burn enough calories to loose the rest of the baby weight

I'm FUNNY.....wanna see:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bluebonnets as promised.....

Martha and Ellie, Daddy, Mommy and Baby

My boy enjoying the Texas Sprintime
Happy Easter!

We took all the babies to our neighborhood Egg Hunt on Sat and then for photos in the Texas Bluebonnets (still waiting for those to be downloaded)

Then Church and out to breakfast on Sunday.....more church photos coming soon....here is the baby in his Sunday Best.....wait til you see his Cousin, she was wearing a pink bonnet, it was adorable

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby Playing and Teething:

A video of the baby for your viewing pleasure....

Also, today my friend is having Round Two of Chemo, her name is Alissa, please pray for her that she tolerates the Chemo well and that it blasts away her tumors. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Aunite Jen takes the BEST photos and Oprah is amazing!

Auntie Jen and Cousin Maddie came over for a visit. We went shopping for "Baby's First Easter Basket" (yes, it's really all for us, babies don't eat candy) and then played and had dinner together. She takes the best photos of the kids. The babies have recently started to recognize each other, smile and even coo at each other. It's so adorable....

Plankton is showing Maddie how to BOUNCE in the exersaucer

He is such a "little man"

Mommy's Beautiful Boy

For those who watch Oprah and for those who don't: the episode yesterday was WONDERFUL. It was all about Mommyhood and keeping it REAL. I loved it. If you are a mommy and have not yet seen it, I highly recommend watching it or reading about it here.

I plan to have a bigger post, but here are two "mommy confessions" for you:
I dropped Chocolate ice cream on my baby's head (before noon) while he was in the wrap.....and laughed.....he barely noticed.
And I have worn an outfit a whole day, slept in it and then wore it the next day.....hey, it already had drool on it, why start all over again?

What is your Mommy Confession? And what do you wish you could let go of in your life to enjoy motherhood more?
Wishin' I Was Fishin'

Plankton: Mamma!!!! I am Wishin' I was Fishin'

Me: Yes, baby we are gonna go fishin' at THE COTTAGE in just 78 days!

Plankton: Really? That is great!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Oh my! I can't believe our little one is four months today.

We are officially out of the "4th trimester". I appreciate this term now. It's when baby and mom are adjusting to their life with baby OUTSIDE the womb. It's truly an adjustment for both of us. So many things are talked about with "trimesters" of pregnancy. The sizes, what is developing etc. So to call these past few months another trimester makes sense.  It's a huge adjustment along with lots of numbers and statistics. The whole family changes and grows during each trimester but this 4th trimester is the hardest.  It's painful to grow that much. It's worth it but it is a painful process to outgrow your thoughts, your understanding of the world and your old life. All while gaining new skills in parenting, communication, eating and sleeping.

We have survived the change so far and on most days think we are doing so with flying colors.  The three of us are working as a team, which is amazing.  Daddy has been so patient, helpful and loving, baby keeps us laughing and puts up with our moments of parenting stupidity and mommy just hangs on for dear life.

Well, enough reflection and the much anticipated PICTURES:

Our preferred way to travel, around the house, at the store, etc etc....

His FAVORITE toy....a frog with two rings....he just lights up when it's brought out....and especially when daddy makes him sing and dance  :-)

Oh and the promised video of my baby LOVING himself on youtube: