Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 week check up and I might be a Cylon....

We are finally over the Plague at our house. It left both hubby and I weak and tired (hubby more so than me). Thank goodness for the grandmothers. They came, they helped, they didn't get sick! It was awesome. We would not have made it without them....

Today was Plankton's 8 week check up. Here are his stats:

Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz
Length: 21 inches

Everything else was right on target. In fact, we are going to cancel the appt for the Developmental Pedi. Our doc feels confident that our lil' guy is right on track and doesn't require any special follow up from his NICU days. YIPPEE!

He is already doing all the good baby things: reaching for an object that is midline, following a voice from one side of the room to the other, seeking out mamma and daddy from other noises in the room, holding head up if you put him in a seated position or to look up at things, little push ups when lying on his belly, mirrors facial expressions, I could go on and on, he is my little genius.

We are officially out of Newborn size diapers and most clothing. We have moved into Size One and Size 0-3 month clothing....YEAH! He is finally big enough we can try our cloth diapers again.

Even tho I have watched enough TV in the past eight weeks to last several lifetimes......I loaded up Battlestar Galactica today. I didn't realize how many episodes behind I was.....I am so ready to start "THE FINAL EPISODES". Dang! I love that show. It's a pretty complex show for a mamma with only two talking brain cells....but I still enjoyed it. I did start to wonder if maybe I am the last cylon....I wouldn't mind having some collective knoweldge right about now and six's body ;-D

The rest of the week will be sad: no knitting tomorrow, my MIL will be back for a few days but they are her final days, then we have my nieces' baptism (okay, so that will be fun)...time is FLYING by. Soon, Plankton will be writing his own blog from college.....

I have to put in one more plug for Metro Moms they have a great calendar on their site for things to do in DFW with kids....and I have I mentioned they give away AWESOME prizes? :-D

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Plankton did it again!  His luck is amazing!

Remember a few months ago when we won the Stokke Sleepi crib?  Well, he did it again.  I didn't even have time to check the list of prizes but when I left the house I told little Plankton to think about what he wanted and send me with his good luck..... So off  Andrea and I went to the Metro Moms Best and Hottest Event and drew number 5 and 6 out of 100.  We both won TFK strollers.  Check out our photos here.   It was a great night and we signed up for another event in two weeks.  We have so much fun with the Metro Moms.

Unfortunately the next morning I ended up with the stomach flu....YUCK!  But thank goodness for the grandmothers who came to the rescue and let me sleep all night and rest all the next day.  I am all better but sticking with bland foods for a while.

Well, here is our BIG BOY! He is over 9 pounds!

We go for his two month check up on Tuesday so I'll have another update with all the stats next week.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Update: and seven weeks today!
I finally made it to knit class last Wednesday.  It was awesome to see the 'gals', let Plankton meet his aunties and we celebrated my birthday.  The gals spoiled me with gift certificates.  I can hardly wait to get out and spend them  :-)

Check out these cupcakes....they were AMAZING.  I choose a lemon and blueberry one.  I am not a frosting fan but that blueberry frosting was so delicious I would have eaten a whole bowl of it.  Next time I am in Frisco, I am going to have to find this cupcake place for a second helping.
The cousins....hanging out looking adorable
Auntie Cheryl made custom bumpers and a blanket for Plankton's crib.....look how perfectly it matches the nursery!  The fabric has mamma and baby manatees.  Also, check out the mobile.  We finally installed it.  Plankton thinks it's just "amazing".  :-)  THANK YOU!!!!

Plankton is seven weeks old today, he witnessed the inauguration of our 44th president with mommy and daddy.  What an historic moment for all of us!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We've been gifted!
One of Hubby's amazing co-workers spouse made this.  It has a really soft velvet other side and the photo doesn't show all the detail but the quilting is BEAUTIFUL!

Plankton looks so handsome today....I can't believe someone makes pants so little.  

Tomorrow we are off to knit class.....I can hardly wait.  I miss my girlfriends terribly and it's time for Plankton to meet all of his Aunties.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! and "the truth just sounds better":

Well, here it is my 33rd birthday and hubby says I am "one hot mamma".  How true, how true  :-)

I woke up to cake for breakfast.....THANKS MOM!  what a way to have dessert first. Then my mother in law fixed the most delicious birthday dinner and we had all the family over.  It was really fun.  Plankton's aunties confirmed that he is getting bigger and heavier....yeah!

Thank you to everyone who posted or emailed, your support means a lot.  One friend said "I'm glad you are not a plastic mom".  MEE TOO!   Then I thought, maybe I am being too honest on my blog?  But I think "the truth just sounds better".  And as they say on Jon and Kate Plus Eight "it may be a crazy life, but it's OUR life".  

The past few days have been better.  I think my remaining brain cells are done grieving for their lost relatives and have started talking to each other again.    I  got my hair cut by Victoria, THE MOST WONDERFUL HAIRDRESSER IN THE WORLD, on Friday.  She came to the house, colored and cut my hair.  Isn't that amazing?? Mom came too, since they are friends and kept Plankton happy.   Then on Sat, I went to the grocery store and Babies R Us and then got a few things done on Sunday while my mother in law fixed dinner and the baby slept.  

I may survive this newborn phase yet...... 

Friday, January 09, 2009

Insomnia during new mommyhood  is just NOT okay......I did a search online for Domperidone (the medication I started to pump up my milk supply) and Insomnia.  It's a RARE side-effect (lucky me).  I feel pretty confident it's the medication since the ONLY other time I have had insomnia in my life was during the first trimester of pregnancy.

While I am motivated to make more milk for my boy, not sleeping does VERY much interfere with my ability to parent.....so let's hope this side effect goes away with treatment.....like by TOMORROW!

Plankton is just sleeping away.....he is so adorable when he sleeps (I would post a photo but that might wake him up and even tho I am awake, it's nice that he is not).  So you get the one above instead.....it's a weird angle but he's cute no matter what.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

If I had my old life back:

I would have gone knitting yesterday with my girlfriends....caught up on all the news and probably gone out to eat.  I would also have recently had my haircut and colored, legs waxed, eyebrows done, and maybe gone to look at new glasses frames (I am sick of the ones I have), gone out to eat again, shopped at Sephora for new eye shadow (cause I am sick of the same shades I have been using for nearly 10 years), shopped the after Christmas Sales, found a pair of shoes (I really need a plain pair of black shoes), went camping with hubby.....I could go on and on and on...

Since being home and becoming a mom, I am thrilled with some of the changes and not with others.  I would love to say that "it's totally worth it" like I hear so much from other mom's.  I am not there yet.  This experience is amazing and I don't want to trade it all back just yet....but I feel like the verdict is still out on if this is better than my "old life".  So far it's not better it's just radically different. 

I was too busy before to have noticed the whole eye shadow and glasses thing (not that I am wearing make up these days but I just noticed) and now that I have noticed....I can do nothing about it....DANG that is really annoying....I may not make it to Sephora and the eyeglass place but I can make it to target and grab a new eyeshadow when I pick up more formula/diapers/wipes   :-)  because it's all about realistic expectations and redefining "productive day".

In my previous life I was a MORNING person.  Up early, wide eyed and bushy tailed.  I would sleep 6-8 hours and then be ready for anything......now I am still a morning person, just not bushy tailed or bright eyed, and on a LOT less sleep.   I didn't think I could be this tired ever again....  In fact, I was so tired I fell down the last to stairs last night on my way to bed (while daddy had baby duty for three hours), I'm not hurt but it shook me up and made me cry.  I was this tired during graduate school.....but I have blocked most of that out of my memory.  I also did things I now regret to stay awake and reduce the pain of exhaustion (mass amounts of diet coke and a few cigarettes).

In my previous life I enjoyed babies and kids and thought they were kool....but now my kid is AMAZING!  He makes the weirdest noises in his sleep and is even teaching hubby and me his own version of baby sign language (he has a sign for daddy, mommy and food already).

In my previous life I ate healthy and stayed active....now, I love a quick snack (anything I can eat one handed and prepare in less than I minute), OREOS (yes, I will keep mentioning them until I can break my habit), and sit on the couch most of the day...

In my previous life, very little made me cry and now I cry nearly every day....sad, happy, angry, frustrated and joyful tears.

I'll leave you with my latest tear inspiring moment:  
In my "Daily Hugs for Mom's " book on Plankton's birthday page:  

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true"  Proverbs 13:19

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Great Blog Posts
I have had all these great ideas for blog posts lately but I keep being interrupted by feeding the baby or peeing before I have to feed again or falling asleep or eating another oreo.

Finally I am able to post....why?  Because I CAN'T SLEEP!  I am exhausted,  but for the first time in over 5 weeks I can't sleep.  Maybe it's because hubby is going back to work tomorrow, or I had my first cup of coffee in a VERY long time at 10 am (more than 14 hours ago), or we ate a big dinner after 8pm.  Plankton has been sleeping soundly for over two hours....but not me!  I went to bed, read, prayed and then laid down to sleep....prayed some more....no luck....so, I decided to relieve hubby from baby duty to let him get a few hours of extra sleep before his first day back to work and here I write.  Let's hope tomorrow is not a "no good, terrible, bad day".

Since, I am too exhausted to remember one of my cleaver blog ideas....I have mushy brain...it used to be such a good brain....but now it's mush....I am going to post a bunch of photos I meant to post earlier and we'll pretend this is a great blog post!  :-)  Photos are what my readers (all four of you) want to see anyway right?

Here is my adorable 12 day old niece wearing the sweater I knit for her

Here is my little man, looking exactly like daddy
This photo makes my heart skip a beat....Plankton has the most adorable feet I have EVER seen

Christmas Eve as a family of three!  

My very crafty cousins invited me to participate in a swap on Ravelry, I  eagerly signed up thinking this would be a very fun  "end of pregnancy projec"t.  The package had to be in the mail my Dec. 15th....I was due the 24th so I thought this was a great idea.....then Plankton arrived three weeks early and my poor swap partner ended up with a Knit Picks gift certificate on the final day of the swap (I did try to send her the package I made up for 10 days... I just couldn't get to the post office....at least she can pick something she wants....lots of books for 40% off maybe?).  But check out MY adorable package.  My lovely swap partner made booties for Plankton and even read my blog to find out I missed fall in the Northeast so she sent fall colors, yummy smelling apple stuff as well as yarn and other goodies.  WOW!  It was such a wonderful treat!

Plankton's first walk.  We bundled him up and pushed the stroller out the front door, down the sidewalk to the driveway, up the driveway to our garage to show daddy.....then Plankton cried and his walk was over....it was one small step for me and grandma but evidently an exhausting outing for Plankton.

Well, that's it!  Plankton is 5 weeks old today.  Weeks 1-4 were very hard for all of us.  There were days I was sure I wasn't going to survive.  But I have had two really good days in a row.  Plankton is sleeping better, eating like a little shark, and smiling at us!  We celebrated today by going out to lunch as a family of three. Plankton slept the whole time and mommy and daddy enjoyed a lunch out.  It was wonderful.....I just might make it after all.....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

This week last year I was recuperating from the surgery that made all of this possible. It's been such an amazing process.

On Tuesday we celebrated Plankton's four week birthday! I can't believe how much we have been thru in just four weeks and also that we have made it this long.

I haven't posted our recent challenges but Plankton didn't gain back his birth weight by 3 weeks....so we have had more doc visits, interventions and we found out yesterday that he gained TEN OUNCES!!!! in five days after we implemented our PLAN.

I am finding that motherhood is WAY harder than I had anticipated. I don't think anything can prepare you for this....my best girlfriend is pregnant and visited yesterday, I was trying desperately to think of something I could say, wisdom to pass along and the best I could come up with was: 1) have changing stations ALL over your house 2) get everything ready at least a MONTH before the baby arrives (this part is biased due to Plankton's surprise arrival) 3) Encourage hubby to take time off, you'll need the help and emotional support (again biased, I have been thru a lot and still not sure I am surviving this but each day I do, it's because of my husband and his positive attitude and help with EVERYTHING) 4) Let people help with food, cleaning, errands etc. Plan to do nothing but sit and nurse for weeks! 5) Get track suits or something COMFY to wear for those weeks of sitting and feeding.

That is it! Weak! It will not prepare her for the PROFOUND sleep deprivation, emotional rollercoaster etc that she is in for in just a few short months....but then again everyone adjusts differently.

I was shocked to learn:

1) How great just one hour of sleep can feel
2) That a shower can be a spa-like experience
3) That the idea of getting my hair cut seems impossible
4) I can feel like a hero and a complete failure in the same 60 seconds
5) My son is ABSOLUTELY the cutest creature I have laid eyes on
6) My body is amazing
7) My body is my enemy
8) Someone else doing the laundry, dishes, food prep is not just a luxury
9) Eating Oreo Cookies can fix nearly anything
10) That I am dying to go back to work and yet can't figure out how I can ever leave again...

It's been an experience! From the difficult labor, to a broken tail bone, to the hospital stay, to home, feeding issues, and trying to cope....thank god for hubby. He keeps me sane, gives me a break when I am sure I am going to run away, laughs with me, and shares my awe in the miracle that we created.

....duty calls.....and he calls loudly....