Thursday, June 05, 2008

Guess What?

We're having a baby!!!

We are 11 weeks along, due Christmas Eve 2008. So far everything is going well. I had terrible bouts of nausea but I have been so blessed, I didn't miss a day of work and as of last weekend my appetite is back! YIPPEE! I am so happy and relieved to be pregnant. Funny story: I was upset the first day I didn't feel sick.....I was worried my hormones shut down....but all appears to be going well. I am not "showing" yet, but my pants are getting tight and I do feel "fat". Haven't really gained weight but things are shifting around to my waist and hips.

The above photo is of us on our way to make a baby. We had a little assistance with hormones and timing but in the end it was all us :-) The fun part is we know the exact time and day we conceived.

Here is what is going on with the baby:, about the size of a large lime, measures about 1.75 (4.4cm) to 2.4 inches (6cm) from crown to rump and weighs about three-tenths of an ounce (8.5g). About now the rapid "swooshing" noises of the heartbeat can be heard through a Doppler sound-wave stethoscope. Fingernails and external genitalia are showing distinguishing characteristics, and the baby is swallowing and kicking, although you still won't feel it.

After watching HOURS of Planet Earth and Blue Planet in HD we were so impressed and inspired by the Plankton in the ocean (all those sperms and eggs floating around) that we have named our little tiny baby who is floating around inside me "Plankton" or as Jason likes to say "Superfly the Wonder Plankton". And yes, we are considering an "Under the Sea" theme for the nursery....however, it really is too early for the planning to begin. We're still just dreaming and scheming. And no, we won't call the baby Plankton after he/she is born. We have some lovely names picked out....but it's too early to share those online.....besides, if I tell you we can't have a contest! :-)

Other FAQs:

1) No we don't know the sex (it's WAY too early), but yes we would like to find out. Ask again in August or stay posted for a contest

2) We are so thrilled to be pregnant that a boy OR a girl would be wonderful!

3) We're due Dec. 24th and are 11 weeks pregnant

4) I'm feeling great and we're THRILLED

5) Yes, I have had crazy and disgusting cravings: Taco Bell Nachos, Chick Fil A nuggets, Coke, Lemonade (great for nausea), chocolate ice cream, McDonalds Big's Jason's baby for sure, I don't normally eat that junk...he just laughs

6) Yes, I do like pickles and ice cream but have not yet had the urge to eat them together.....and please don't mention it, YUCK!

7) There are several other questions but they are kinda personal and I am not going to answer them nor post them online.

I'll leave you with a photo of my first Mother's Day:


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! It's so fun to hear what other ladies crave when they are preggers... I wanted lemonade, too.. and i craved bean burritos from taco bell. i found that Life Savers wintergreen helped settle my tummy.
You are going to be such a great mom!

Tasha said...

Great photos - I can't wait to knit for Plankton!

Qualen said...

Merry Christmas!