Friday, October 31, 2008

Guatemala at 32 weeks!
(finding a ripe coffee berry)
(dressed in local Myan clothing)
(a cute street vendor)
(at our hotel)

We spent an amazing 4 days in Antigua, Guatemala for the wedding of Joe and Shelia. We took tours to make the most of our visit. We got to take a walking tour of Antigua learning about it's history as the capital of central america, we learned the workings of a coffee plantation, macadamia nut farm, a bit about the beautiful woven textiles famous in Guatemala. It was a grand time. The food was wonderful, the weather perfect and the company divine.

Now we are back home and I am recovering. I did great, walked everywhere and didn't miss out on anything (except the 3 hour volcano climb which I am glad we missed). I am more jet lagged and exhausted returning home than I was going to Antigua. Plankton was VERY active in Guatemala. I think he loved all the sights and sounds so different from my daily routine.

It's amazing how exhausting four days can be. I am still not back on track at home and work but hope that next week will go more smoothly.

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The Parlette Gazette said...

You guys are officially the cutest couple ever. Which means Plankton will be the cutest kid ever. sigh. Maybe Ahna will go for younger men! hahahahahahaha

Great pics!