Saturday, March 07, 2009

3 month update:Here is the BIG BOY!  He is 14 pounds, by our bathroom scale.  I can't wait to get an "official" weight at the docs office.  Check out his "80 degree" day outfit. Yes, we had an 80 degree day yesterday.

Auntie Amelia came to visit and got to see the boy for the first time, she fell in LOVE, how could she not.  Plankton had two amazing days with two of his cousins.  He thought they were HILARIOUS, he just stared and laughed at them.  He refused to take any serious naps for fear he would miss a moment of the cousin-excitement.

Daddy's 34th birthday, last year we forgot to take photos and it was just the two of us.  This year we are a family.
And we spent the evening with our big family celebrating.  Good food and even better company.  
Cousin Ava, the "little mama".

And of course another video:  "Grandma Natalie" found this seat at Babies R Us and said "it's perfect, he must have it"......I wasn't too sure but of course the boy LOVES LOVES LOVES this new toy.  So now it is mammas favorite too  :-)  THANK YOU NATALIE!!!!


Teresa said...

Yay! Thank you for all the pictures! He is growing so fast! I'm thinking of you and your family every day. Loads of love,

StudioAmelia said...

that pic of ava and Jay Jay could be me and you,

I miss that cutie!