Thursday, June 04, 2009

Our Trip to Children's Hospital:

It went off without a glitch!

The hardest part was keeping him awake for several hours before the test to ensure sleep during the the car ride was awful. Daddy drove us downtown and I sang and basically annoyed my baby for an hour.....he screamed and just kept closing his eyes and then looking at me "Mom, I WANT TO SLEEP, you usually want me to sleep, I don't understand".....and then he got hungry.....I felt like a bad mamma keeping him awake and hungry.....

When we arrived, I took him out of his carseat and he was HAPPY! We even got a great parking spot, arrived early enough to take a stop at the Trainscape. He LOVED it, and we loved it too. Daddy just kept saying "it's a good thing he's not any older, we would never get him outta here".

(yes, he and I are "jailbirds")

Can you believe our boy started to fall asleep just during the set up for the EEG? Daddy asked if we could feed him while they poked on his head.....GOOD THINKING DADDY.....happy tired baby....that is red marking was a "painless test".

Then we woke him up so they could compare his "awake" brainwaves. He didn't want to wake up....look at that tired little man

He slept all the way home.....mommy and daddy wanted to was a long but SMOOTH AS SILK day! Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts.....THEY WORKED!

We already have the results as of 9:48am this morning: JJ is perfectly normal! Our doc says: It doesn't completely rule out Epilepsy, but makes it HIGHLY unlikely. So JJ's tremor is just a tremor......I was really hoping for mutant powers.....but I'll take normal, in fact I LOVE normal....


Merry Karma said...

Wonderful news!!!

Teresa said...

Hooray for normal! What a relief! (Tho, I was wishing for some mutant powers, too!)

StudioAmelia said...

He's not a Cylon he's a hybrid!!!!!