Friday, July 10, 2009

We spent 10 days in heaven......Fair haven that is :-) The weather was cool and gave us a break from the Dallas Oven temperatures.....also JJ had lots of FIRSTS!

Here is his first plane ride!

He did just great. He loved having Mommy AND Daddy's uninterrupted attention for HOURS. We played, snoozed, ate and read his ducky book.

We spent many days like this......scooting around the blanket in the shade. At first JJ just shivered at the grass so we didn't worry that he would leave the the week went on he got braver and sometimes ventured into the grass. We even had one day warm enough for a little splish splashing...

Most mornings JJ and his new BFF, patsy, watched Baby Signing Time....until it was warm enough to play outside (and mommy got to shower and eat breakfast).

JJ enjoyed his first visit to a playground with his cousin Malcolm and they both just giggled and giggled on the swings! (HINT: Daddy we need a swing!)

More Photos to come.......his first boat ride, FOUR generations in one photo, a historic walk and the greatness of grandparents....

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