Thursday, December 17, 2009

Family Photo Day:

Auntie Jen took beautiful photos of the family at a local park.....can you believe the smiles?
We LOVE having Grandma and Grandpa close by.....not only for the help but for the FUN. With a quick phone call we are all having dinner together, or telling jokes or getting an extra hand with projects around the house or to chase down our little RUNNER!

Our little man is in LOVE with his grandparents, he squeals when they's so much fun to watch. We feel truly blessed by their arrival in Texas. We know it's been a sacrifice to leave family, friends and steady jobs....but I just can't thank them enough.

Yes, we really are this handsome in person too! HA HA HA!

The little man is getting FASTER and FASTER every day.....he tells us "get set, GO!" almost every morning......we used to giggle at his new words and now we take it for the WARNING that it is......

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