Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!
Our garbage disposal went kaput....again. This time, hubby said it was more trouble than it was worth and did I want a new one?.....YIPPEE!

So I got a new disposal, a BIG sink and new faucet.

What an WONDERFUL gift. Hubby and FIL even installed it in time for me to show it off at the family birthday dinner.

Then my niece and sister stopped by to wish me a happy b-day today and I just could not resist putting her in the basket of balls.....I think she liked it

And then JJ went off for a nap.....
I think that is're all caught up on the good stuff.....

And there has been some hard stuff too:
We lost our cousin this past week (my in-laws god-son and nephew). He was 18 years old.... . It was a tragic loss to our family. Please keep the Jonas family in your thoughts and prayers as they remember Andrew and come to terms with his passing. He joins his father, grandfather and grandmother in Heaven.

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