Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back home

I just returned from two weeks in heaven. Hubby and I drove from Dallas to Sedona to Phoenix to Tuscon and then home.

We spent our first week in Sedona. This is one of my favorite places on earth. It's natural beauty helps me to put my life back into perspective and also to dream bigger.

Hubby and I did some hiking, lots of eating, worked on crafts and made friends. The biggest score for us was in the form of WOOD and SHEEP. For those of you who play Settlers you know this is really KOOL! Last year we collected stones (from a salt mine), we have bricks at home and now are only lacking for wheat :-)

Seriously, Jay found some beautiful cottonwood, cedar and juniper for woodcarving. I met someone who is willing to give me his sheep wool in the spring. I am so excited to learn to spin and dye wool. It's a great new project and gives us an excuse to go back to Sedona in the spring....YIPPEE!

After Sedona, we drove south to Phoenix to visit with our wonderful friends. Hubby and one of his oldest friends got to hang out and skateboard. The wifes went shopping, of course. I was introduced to a wonderful store called Penzey's Spices. It's fantastic.

Then on to Tuscon for Kitt Peak National Observatory where we spend an entire evening on a 20-inch telescope. We had the whole dome, guide and telescope to ourselves. It was amazing! This was my present to hubby for our 10th anniversary. We agreed this is one of the most spectacular things we have done in our 10 years of marriage.

On the way home we stopped to hike Carlsbad Caverns....WOW! We went from one of the highest mountains gazing into the heavens to hiking 1000 ft underground to see beautiful rock formations.

Now I am back home and trying to get all caught's a bit overwhelming.

Enjoy the photos....

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