Friday, September 29, 2006

Knitting Aunt

I feel like an idiot! I just posted a personal blog on one of the blog groups I am Here I go....let's try this again.

I had a great day. Took a private knitting lesson on fishing techniques, had lunch with a friend and joined SOCKTOBER FEST.

What fun!

I am off to try to remove my blog from the wrong list.


Knitting Rose said...

so how exactly do you JOIN socktoberfest? Every month for me is Socktoberfest. I love socks too much. I don't even wear them that often (but it is Texas and it isn't quite winter yet).
Happy Knitting!

The Knitting Aunt said...

I did it from a link.....don't remember the name of the blog. But it's basically a blog to post sock photos.....becky probably knows :-)

I haven't actually finished any socks this month.

So good to see you today. Have a wonderful visit with your son....we'll miss you sat.