Sunday, September 30, 2007

I WON , I WON! I won a door prize at the Knit Out and Crochet Too! I won a gift bag from Yarns Ewenique: including OnLine Sock Yarn in City Color along with ChiaoGoo Bamboo dpns, size 2.

Fall has arrived!

But in Texas this means that the weather is "cooler" (90 instead of 100) and school is in full gear. But, if you are not in school and miss the cooler (less than 70) brisk weather and picking pumpkins and apples then October is not really fall in Texas. I am missing our old stomping grounds in New York lately. The falling leaves, apples everywhere in the orchards ....I made apple pies and applesauce every year along with crocheting afghans...I can remember it perfectly.....

In Texas I go camping in October, wear capri pants, sit outside on the patio and KNIT, KNIT, KNIT! It's all good here in Texas but this is the time of year that I miss New York the most.....Feb. is a different issue :-)

To catch up on my previous post, the very small and cute spinning wheel turned out to be decorative only. It has moving parts but it won't spin yarn.....oh well, I really didn't need a new hobby just yet.

Knitting is going's still my passion and what keeps me sane.....I am learning to knit TOE UP socks! it's really fun. I am nearly done with sock #1 and hope to start sock #2 on Wednesday. My next adventure will be two socks on two circular needles.

Life has become very stressful with work and family issues....thank goodness for knitting!

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