Sunday, October 07, 2007

How to loose a guy in 10 days!

My Knitflix Swap package arrived yesterday and it's awesome. There were 10 clues on adorable cardstock with knitting graphics:
#1: Ask your soon-to-be ex to watch a movie where the plot is based on breaking up.
#2: Spend Your "date night" with your friends knitting instead (Starbucks gift card...YUM)
#3: Ask for your own display area for your sheep and Llama Figurine collection (adorable Llama)
#4: Tell him you are not in the mood because you are reading a "great, just can't put it down" knitting book (When bad things happen to good knitters, started reading it tonight)
#5: Learn to spin your dog's hair (don't forget-they must be rewarded for their contributions) (dog treats for Melon and Micron)
#6: Tell him you want yesterday! And, you don't believe in spanking either. (Sour Patch Kids)
#7: Leave your sharpest Knitting needles on the couch to impale him in the ass (HARMONY CIRCULARS in size 2)
#8: Begin a really complicated knitting pattern at his friends party. (kool entrelac instructions and pattern)
#9: If all else fails, knitting him a sweater WILL MAKE HIM RUN (Blocking wires....YIPPEE)
#10 How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days movie!!!!

THANK YOU to Amy, the bestest swap partner!

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