Friday, January 11, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll bake if I want to......

After working this morning, my dear friend Andrea took me out for Brunch at Mimi's Cafe and I had Cornbeef Hash with eggs....YUM! I always consider ordering something else at MiMi's but then I just can't miss out on the I enjoyed it so very much along with an entire hour with Andrea.

Now, I am home and putting my 2008 birthday plan into action. When my family asked what I wanted for birthday dinner I said "Orange Khoresh" and they were confused. I am the only one in the family who makes it and it's not easily found at a cafe or diner....then I said "I want to bake and cook on my birthday"....they all cheered!

So, I am using my birthday gift from Mom and Dad:

to make these from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I was so excited when I saw the recipe, I just knew I had to find a day to bake....TODAY IS THE DAY!
I am nearly ready to add the yeast.

and since I am not big on birthday cake (although I had a DELICIOUS Chocolate cake on Wednesday that has me reconsidering cake), I am also going to make this for dessert. YUM! Apple Pie is one of my most favorite food groups.

Okay, but those are all SWEETS, what about the dinner....okay, here is the photo from the cookbook....mine is not yet finished so let's all pretend that mine will look like this :-)
. It's a delicious chicken dish with saffron, carrots, onions and oranges. I will serve it over saffron infused basmati rice. YUM!

I am now going back to my quiet house, podcasts and baking.......ta ta for now

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Knitting Rose said...

OH YUM!! I want to join you! Dang! that sounds like you had fun. I hope you had a great Birthday and your family & friends enjoyed the goodies!