Sunday, December 23, 2007


Every year my baby sister and I have a cookie marathon. We plan all year, talk it up for weeks and then finally we bake until we are too tired to stand and make plans for less cookies next year.

This year we had trouble working out a full day so we spent two 1/2 days BAKING and singing out hearts out to Christmas music.

We made:
**Cut outs
**Ricotta cookies (my MILs fabulous recipe)
"Mary's Cookies" (my husband's Paternal Grandmother's recipe)
***Mandel Brot (MY Paternal Grandmother's recipe)
Ginger Spice Cookies (from our Divine friend Kate)
Chocolate Crinkles (Betty Crocker)
Amaretto Chocolate Chip Cookies (new recipe this year, it has Amaretto, Chocolate Chips, Almonds and Coconut....AHEM!)
**Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
Peppermint Bark

** Double Batch
***Triple Batch

We packed up the cookies into 8 lovely containers for delivery and kept some for nibbling. Last year we kept too many and many cookies spent their last days in the was so SAD. So this year, we gave them away with reckless abandon (hence the additional batches for freezing and later consumption).

But, fear not baking and cooking are not complete. DH made Chili for dinner this evening and we are cooking for Christmas Eve dinner at our house. Brisket, Sweet Potatoes, Cabbage, Salad, Corn Bread and Pioneer Woman's BACON treats. There are days I wish I had not read PW's blog as she makes me want to bake and cook and EAT way too much!

I have started the Gathered Pullover sweater so I am knitting a bit here and there, but the weather is cold, the tree is up, family is in town and I just want to BAKE and EAT! It's only for a few more days...

Eat and be Merry!

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