Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few more Guatemala Photos (I just couldn't resist) This is our last day, we are headed for the airport
one of the fountains at our hotel, it was a simple hotel but the grounds were AMAZING!

My BEAUTIFUL front Door.....Melissa gave me this beautiful wreath to take home after my baby shower so that my house would be all ready for all of Plankton's visitors. Isn't it PERFECT? I have never had such a beautiful wreath. THANK YOU MELISSA!

Well, here I am at 34 weeks: I know I am making a funny face, I was struggling with the camera position.

I am off today for a second Sonogram, we were planning to just have the one at 20 weeks but Plankton is measuring small (big surprise there eh?...have you been keeping track of the photos?) so we're going to check him out today and come home with a few more pictures. He is very active and has a strong heartbeat so there is no huge concern other than checking sizes of all his little parts. Also, I had a fall yesterday, everything is fine but we're just going to make sure....I'll post more photos and an update soon!


Here are the "Coming Home" Hats for Big Jay and Baby Jay...Mom's hat is in progress and I just might have to make a second one for Plankton that he can grow into. I used Koigu for Plankton and soft and wonderful Berrocco Comfort for the adult hats. We're going to be so cute!

The Entrelac Socks are nearly done. I had to pull out the toe and am putting it back in on the second sock. Should be done by this weekend (thanks to Andrea and about 10 yards from her ball of the same Socks that Rock yarn). The socks match my Bump Sweater (which I will post photos of soon, I have been wearing it and forgetting to take a photo) and I can't wait to wear the whole ensemble together.
And Finally Plankton's Baby Surprise Jacket. It just needs some finishing and buttons. I am going to find buttons tomorrow at JoAnn's since the ones I bought are too small....darn. This jacket is going to be so cute!'s SUPER SOFT and I have a TON of yarn leftover so I just might have to make matching hat and booties.

The house and nursery are no where near done, but seriously that stuff can wait. I am hoping to get that huge surge of energy to clean house and finish up the nursery....still have a few weeks to go. Knitting is more fun! :-)

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Teresa said...

Hi Annise!
You're looking great, Beautiful! How did the second sonogram go? Everyone (you AND baby) okay after the fall? Thinking of you, and sending hugs! xoxox, Teresa