Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catch Up:

A little catch up on our adventures in the life of new parents....

My First Mother's Day: We hosted a breakfast at our house which was a lot of fun. We had My sister and her two daughters over along with my dad (the rest of the family was out of town). JJ thought it was a cousin party for him (it was). The dad's made waffles, sausage and OJ. My sister was DYING for crab legs so we went to Big Shucks for was WONDERFUL!

Our original plan had been to go to Ren Faire but the weather report was for rain... babies, strollers and MUD were just not our idea of a fun day so we restructured our plans only to watch a beautiful day unfold.....but we all enjoyed Mother's Day very much...

JJ LOVES his Cousin Ava

Yesterday we went to the mall for a small errand and I watched dozens of kids with large yellow bags with LEGO stamped across them run all around the Mall.....WE MUST FIND THE LEGO STORE I said to my sister and look what we got to do:

Build a block...

Hand it to the MASTER Lego builder to help him create an 8 foot tall R2D2 out of legos and we got a certificate for helping and a coupon to the NEW Lego Store

JJ thought it was AMAZING! He loved watching the kids at the mall (ice skating, playing, in strollers, at the disney store)

I can't wait until he is old enough for his own set of Legos! They have huge sets for 18months old. They are train sets, zoo,'s adorable. Also, Mommy loved looking in Build a Bear, JJ didn't really get it.....that will have to wait til he is older. :-)

In other news:
JJ is trying very hard to crawl. He rolls over both ways, and now scoots around a's very exciting! He sucks his right thumb (YEAH!, I have been hoping and wishing for this, cause you can't loose it like a binky) and is much more interested in butternut squash than rice cereal but is still not thrilled with solids so we're not pushing them.....just trying it out here and there when he seems excited to watch us eat. We have a doc appt next week so I'll have a weight update at that time (I'm thinking 16 pounds).

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Elisha said...

16 pound?! Go momma! A.J. is only 17! My kids are so excited about the lego store. We are at the ice rink two-three times a week ( I am sick of the drive). And they have been waiting for it to open up!

So glad you had a great first Mothers Day...pretty special isn't it? : )