Saturday, May 02, 2009

Five Months Old! OH MY!

Time Flies when you are having fun...and we are getting older by the minute.....DANG!

We had a wonderful visit with Grandma. All day Friday we had both babies. Thank goodness for Grandma. I got laundry done, and even got to wash some baby stuff that has needed washing for MONTHS and we made dinner for the whole family.

Poor Maddie was fighting off a cold and was pretty tired and miserable.....JJ it was a long hard day of fussy babies but Grandma didn't seem to mind. I think she was happy to be needed and play with the little ones. They are growing up so fast.


and for those "professional mammas" out there: yes, he is too young for that chair and probably too young for cereal.....but it's all for entertainment right now....and this is ENTERTAINING!

Happy Five Months my little Plankton....mamma loves you!


Elisha said...

He looks just fine in the chair! : ) And he looks very excited with the cereal. How adorable!

StudioAmelia said...

dude he is so cute and is a mini annise here looks SO much like her.

The Parlette Gazette said...

If anyone is going to judge you for having him in 'that chair' or for feeding him cereal...then I say they are NOT a professional Mom. Professional Moms are the ones who support each other and nurture our inner need for freedom by offering opportunties to have yummy cocktails. By the way, you guys and us guys need to get out sometime soon!

Also, I wish we'd gotten to see Judy. Let her know that whey the move here, she'll have three extra granddaughters to play with!!!

Teresa said...

Love it or hate it, he sure is excited about that cereal!