Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Jj is officially 8 months, he is more amusing and adventurous every day.

He is over 20 pounds and so we have taken out the infant car seat and upgraded to the Britix rear-facing. It's SO much easier to move him in and out and not that huge carrier...I got tendonitis from lifting it in and out of the car...so it HAD to go!.....but I do miss how easily he used to sleep in the infant carrier and how it attached to the stroller.....but we are moving into "big baby" toys and activities now which is good for all of us.

JJ loves to crawl, explore and pull to standing on EVERYTHING. We still struggle with sleeping but it is SO much better than it was a few months ago and I am sure in a few months this will be behind us as well....replaced by new challenges.

As parents we are struggling to balance our new life (work, baby, marriage, friends, hobbies). But I feel we are doing great. JJ hasn't had to go to daycare or a babysitter. He is cared for by loving family always. I hope we can continue this for him as long as possible. It's such a blessing for all of us.

My practice continues to grow and JJ is now enjoying coming along with me a few hours a week:

Mommy! I'm helping out at the office!

And we try to get in a family adventure at least once a month. This time we picked Peaches and made homemade jam:
Yeah, yeah, that one on the left....Peaches for me and a few for mom and dad.

YUM! Fresh from the orchard

Oh No! He has been corrupted forever......ice cream.....

We are making other adjustments as well in response to JJ's growing capabilities:
Time to lower the crib! We also had to move some furniture, remove the changing table from the pack-n-play, remove the diaper organizer from the pack-n-play, move baby toys out of the playroom to make room for bigger toys, remove the fireplace tools from the hearth......there are new things each day that have to be moved or adjusted.....it's awesome! he is growing so fast.

Little Explorer

I LOVE bathtime.....FINALLY! JJ was afraid of the pool and bath for a few weeks but now he giggles and plays with his ducks. We haven't been in the pool in a while...it's been so rainy. Hopefully this weekend we'll swim with the cousins.

Miss Ellie, wearing the dress I knit for her......isn't she precious?!


The Parlette Gazette said...

OH MY! He is so so so adorable. I have to see him soon. I might be stalking you over there!!!

Teresa said...

Too Cute for words! Congrats on all the milestones.

hey, random question . . . the cow sponge on the edge of the bathtub in that one picture . . . . It looks crazy familiar!

The Knitting Aunt said...

It's the one from YOU! I found it when I was cleaning out an OLD box....it was still in the package and I thought.....TIME for this to get some use.....it's so soft. I wish I could get another one. It's perfect for the baby.