Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's so funny??
Tomorrow we are going to a Stroller Skate Off......not sure what to expect but I hope it involves me in roller skates and JJ in the stroller....I think we will BOTH enjoy that :-) The other way around would be just too silly!

On the work front: I am doing LOTS of research on how to build my own website/blog. I am so excited to work on this. Since I have cut back on my hours to see patients, I wanted to make sure I was still "working". The website has needed updating for over a year....and I have been dying to add a blog on PRACTICAL tips for healthy families. There are some wonderful resources available but I think many of the gurus are so over the top that families don't have the time/money/fortitude to stick it out. .....that's my two cents.....

On the Knitting Front: I am knitting a few hours here and there. Working on the Great American Aran Afghan. I have started the first square and am about 20 rows in....only 60-ish to go :-) I also need 19 more goal is to have it done in time for JJ to take to college with him ;-D

I am also knitting on a shawl that is to be a gift to the midwife who delivered JJ. .....any other ABC mamma's out there....SHHhhhhhhhh! It's a surprise!

Well, that's it! Just had to share another LOVELY photo of my boy!

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The Parlette Gazette said...

It's like you're dealing drugs here. I have to come back every day to see if you put ANOTHER picture of JJ! I'm addicted. Gimme more, please!!!!