Monday, May 24, 2010


We finally made it to Scarborough Faire this past weekend. It was hot and muggy and we had a perfectly wonderful day!
Our favorite part (and evidently, one of the FEW places we stopped for photos) was the Petting Zoo. We had a BALL showing JJ the animals we have been telling him about. He squealed, chased, talked and signed his way thru.
Here he is "mid-sign" for "more".....he wanted to pet the bunnies "more, more"
Yeah! for the ducks, chicks, pigs, dog, llamas, pony, turtle, goats, rabbits.....JJ loved the chicks and goats the best. He loved to CHASE the chicks who ran and clucked.....and he loved the goats who stood still to be pet.
(The Royal Court is dancing in the background) A lovely day was had by all.....and next year we will try for a FAMILY portrait :-)


Teresa said...

Lovely! And so fun!! So . . . . what's the sign for llama???

The Parlette Gazette said...

I love your hair! Did you have it done there?! Those family days are the BEST! :)