Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: lake texomaWe survived our first blood this weekend.....it was a near miss for stitches......JJ was pretty unconcerned about the whole thing, he was more upset about us cleaning it off and trying to apply ice than he was about the fall.....he has obviously inherited Daddy's pain tolerance....and energy level.....even a head injury doesn't slow him down.

We took a break from the heat on Sat and took a visit to the Texoma Children's Museum. It was a great place to burn energy on a HOT Sat afternoon.
JJ LOVED the lake, he and daddy looked for fish.....and all three of us enjoyed playing at the beach.
Our little guy is growing fast.....we sure enjoyed camping with our "Toddler".....


Teresa said...

What fun! (Okay, maybe not the head lac . . . but the rest looks like grand adventures!)

The Parlette Gazette said...

Oh my. I'm glad you had fun AND got that milestone out of the way early. From here on out, it should be easier to deal with.