Friday, December 05, 2008

A little update:

Plankton is off oxygen, IV, most of his monitors and out of his special bed (this photo is from yesterday before the tubes came out). He is being monitored and we get to feed him, change him and hold him. The Neonatologist told us this morning that he MIGHT be able to come home on Sunday. They want to observe him for 24 hours after coming off of his IV, then give us 24 hours of "rooming in" at the hospital where we will have nurse support as needed but we do all his care....then he can come HOME!

We are asking for good thoughts and prayers that the three of us are HOME together this weekend!

We have had several offers of "what can we do to help".....THANK YOU FOR ASKING! Right now we are so overwhelmed with the hospital schedule and trying to see the baby as much as possible and still rest (which is really not happening) that we can hardly think clearly. However, as soon as we are home we are going to need help with meals, short visits to help us celebrate Plankton's arrival, errands etc. Once, we are home if you are available to help....PLEASE just call or email. We would love to take you up on your offer :-)

THANK YOU for all of the love and support! It means so much to us and we can't wait to introduce you to Plankton in PERSON!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is doing great! We did the rooming in thing with ours, too. It really did help ease the nervousness after having them in the NICU.
Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way!

The Parlette Gazette said...

He is so beautiful Annise. You know we've got you in our thoughts and prayers. If anyone is organizing a dinner schedule for you guys, I'll be happy to sign up! :)

lisa said...

:) Glad he is doing well! Been thinking good thoughts for you all.

becki said...

Hi Annise and Jason,
Wow is little Jason cute!! I'm really happy for you all and sending you all kinds of positive energy! And please, put me on the meals schedule too.
Love, Becki