Thursday, December 11, 2008

We went to our family doctor yesterday and we and we can now say that Plankton is OFFICIALLY perfect! :-) His weight is wonderful, everything is working well and our doctor said he would keep an eye on him and that it's possible we don't need to follow up with the Developmental Pediatrician in two months....that is a HUGE relief. He said the hardest thing for Plankton right now is eating and pooping so as long as he is doing both we know all is well. He is a champion nurser....which is amazing for a NICU baby. And he sure can poop...

We were so excited with the news!

We also found out I can easily stay on Vicodin for two weeks....YIPPEE! I thought I was going to get cut off....and I am still to sore to sleep thru the night without drugs....god bless pain meds.

Auntie Tasha posted an ADORABLE photo of plankton.

We received a WONDERFUL gift from Auntie Michelle and Uncle Marc.....a PHOTOGRAPHER! So we'll have more photos to post soon.

We want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!! to everyone who has brought meals. it is such a relief not to have to cook and just focus on taking care of the baby. Jason and I both greatly appreciate your love, support and delicious meals.


Teresa said...

Hi Annise!
I'm enjoying every update and each new picture. These first weeks are so chaotic and overwhelming -- but you really won't notice past the joy and wonder of it all. Wish I was there to bring you meals. I'll make it up to you in April!

The Parlette Gazette said...

He is absolute sweetness bundled in skin. What a joy and treat to hold him and see his beautiful eyes! :)

Clara Heisler said...

Just look at him all cozy on that seat. You just gotta love that moment of cuteness. You must have had an ecstatic feeling of joy upon hearing the family doctor's news. How's he doing now?

Clara Heisler