Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sleeping Baby.....

well, i thought I better post it.....my baby is sleeping! Those of you who read my facebook, blog and talk to me hear me whine about my non-sleeping baby.....so I thought I better post when he IS sleeping :-)

he slept wonderfully the last two nights and is on his THIRD nap today, of course this is so unlike him, I am thinking he might be fighting something off (swine flu perhaps?....HA HA HA HA HA).

Actually, I think he finally wore himself out with all the weekend excitement and a very busy day yesterday.

I love his joy, laughter and excitement for life.....he is teaching me so much about my heart and how I need to live more in the moment.....what a gift!.....and it's so much easier to see that WHEN HE IS SLEEPING! :-D


Merry Karma said...

He is such a cutey. I'm glad I got to see him IRL.

Amy said...

Beware of the sleeping pose! You just fall in love again and think they are so perfect. Then, when you are complete mush, he'll wake up. Just remember how cute he was when he is screaming his head off! :)

I hope to see you later on today at YNS. I took the day off.