Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peek a BOO! I see you!
Thank you cousins for outgrowing such an awesome outdoor toy! WE LOVE IT!

Thanksgiving 2009: no camping this year......a heavy dose of life set in.....hopefully we'll be back camping next year......we threw together a Thanksgiving dinner in 12 hours! it was delicious!

Baby's First Thanksgiving! and yes, we forgot to take photos DURING dinner.....can you believe that? He loved the squash but not the turkey for him this year daddy fried it in peanut oil.....yummy for us, not good for babies.

One Year Ago today: prelabor had begun....we didn't know it but all the classic signs were there: eating a big meal (breakfast at Cracker Barrel after Black Friday Shopping), burst of energy (made a big meal and invited friends) and preparing the nest (insisted that Jason decorate the ENTIRE house for Christmas).....

I can't believe we are HERE, talking about "one year ago today". This year truly has FLOWN by....and we would not be here with is who is talking, walking (running), eating solids and still not sleeping thru the night... if it were not for our family and friends who surrounded us with LOVE and SUPPORT, brought us food, helped us care for our baby when we needed it, told us that we were doing a good job (even when it felt like we were failing) and reminded us that babies will survive and thrive with LOVE even if you mess up the small stuff. It really does take a village to raise a child and we live in an AWESOME village......THANK YOU!

Coming up: Baby's FIRST Birthday! Please come celebrate with us: Sat. Dec. 5th, 10am

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StudioAmelia said...

I remember when i bought that ship for tristan in plano, super awesome he LOVED it, jj is so big!!!!!!