Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rotovirus is disgusting!

I had hoped to have lovely photos and hilarious video for you this week.....but instead I have spent the past six days taking care of a sick little baby.

It started out with what I thought was "teething" (low grade fever, fussy baby with loose stools) and progressed in two days to "SICK". Turned out it was Rotavirus/Gasteroenteritis.........and let me tell's was DISGUSTING! (I'll spare you the details).

I did feel blessed to be able to be HOME with my hold him and cuddle him and let him sleep in my arms until he was better.

It was a slow recovery but he is finally on the mend.......just in time for Thanksgiving and his BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!

Photos soon!


Susanne said...

Oh Honey, I feel for you. Frankie had it when he was baby too. He wasn't as old as JJ so it probably wasn't as bad a solid food stuff. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Poor guy. Hope he kicks soon.

Teresa said...

Yuck! Rotovirus is the worst, isn't it! Thousands of sympathies! You're Supermom now. Once you survive rotovirus, you can survive anything!