Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry for the delay:

We MOVED! and I lost my camera for the past several weeks I have had no camera, except in my phone.....but I'll share some photos that family has emailed to me :-)

We have moved back to our "old" house (where my mom has been living for the past year), which many of you remember fondly. We had to make the decision quickly. So we canceled our dream vacation to Sedona, and started packing and fixing up our house to get it on the market.

We got most of mom's things packed and into storage, packed our entire house, and got it on the market all in less than 10 days. And all of that with a 10.5 month old who decided to start WALKING half way thru the week!

So we are all here: me, Jay, JJ and mom in our old house.

And my in laws have finally arrived. They are officially "snow birds".....staying here in DFW for the winter. We are OVERJOYED!

It's been an interesting month to say the least. We are all still adjusting. JJ could not be happier.....he has all of his grandparents around him and he is walking......or more accurately running everywhere he wants to go.

We are making preparations for the holiday season as well as a party to celebrate the successful completion of our FIRST YEAR AS PARENTS!

Many thanks to family and friends for helping us to move, keeping JJ happy while we moved and helping us to keep our sense of humor about the changing seasons of life.

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Teresa said...

Wow!! What a crazy time you've had of it! Congrats on surviving the move, and the Big Man Walking!! too fun. How about some Halloween pics for the blog, too?