Monday, September 18, 2006

The Knitting Tea Swap 2:

I am participating in an online swap. This is my first, didn't even know this type of thing exsisted until someone in my knitting group emailed a link. Then I did a google search and folks are swapping all over the internet. What a great idea! This photo is of my "tea stash". We were encouraged to flash our stash to the other participants. You can see that I enjoy herbal, white, green and black teas. It's been too darn hot in Texas the last few months to really enjoy hot tea but since it is raining today, I think I just might make up a pot.

This group has over 200 tea drinking knitters in it. We are exchanging tea, goodies and yarn for knitting. I am just too excited! but I am new to knitting so I will have to get some advice on what yarns to send to my swap-mate.

My knitting group has also decided to do a Secret pal swap. I signed up right away. We are exchanging goodies (chocolate and other such sweets), yarn and yarn accessories. It's going to be loads of fun!

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