Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow, I feel like I have entered the dark side.....a blog....I didn't think I would every join myspace either, but I did that too. The internet has a force all it's own. Stay too long and you get drawn in.

It also helps busy people to connect and make friends, to stay in touch and to create a space where you can be yourself.

I have been coping with a major dose of life....nothing to mention on the internet....but a heavy dose of life.

Enter a wonderful woman who asked difficult questions: What do you LIKE to do?, What do you BELIEVE in?, Who are your FRIENDS?

...gasp.....I don't know....I don't remember.....is this a test? If so, I need to see the four multiple choice answers first....

Then I began to remember: I love to scrapbook, knit, crochet, watch movies, READ about dragons, magic, women who grow together, stories of love and family....go camping, travel this great globe with my husband....

Oh yeah, I remember.....and it's not on an exam in 24 hours, it doesn't need triplicate forms filled out to be approved by a Staff doctor, it's just me. Post school me.

And so, I found Knitting Sisters. They are creative, funny, bold, charming, understand my need to keep too many projects started and not enough finished. It has reminded me that women need women....lots of them. Women like to help eachother, create together and make the world a softer and more colorful place.

So here I am The Knitting Aunt.....

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