Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date Night:

Hubby and I spent a LAUGHTER filled evening reading the "free" posts on Craig's List. It was probably the best date night we have had in a long time (okay we don't have a lot to compare it to....).

So, if you need a good laugh....or some more junk for your garage go read the free posts.....and read them with your best hillbilly accent....

Here is my favorite one:

Yeah, okay. It's weird. Tons of Mismatched Socks. (Frisco):
I must have a decades worth of lonely, mismatched socks - men's, women's, and both boy's and girl's - all sizes. It's ridiculous. I was going to throw them away but it seems like such a waste. There is a large tub full of them. Can someone use them? Sock puppets? I don't know....

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