Monday, February 02, 2009

More photos of my adorable boy!, our weekend and some answers:

(Here he is in the sweater that mommy knit for him and sitting on the counter with Grandma watching mommy cook.)

He is getting so big! We had a great but BUSY weekend. Hubby had to work which left me with lots of baby time.

Sat I enjoyed our last day with Grandma here at our house. She worked on the boat bassinet, we talked and talked and then worked on printing out some photos and designing Plankton's birth announcement at Buddy's house (my dad). Better late than never.....

I don't want Grandma to leave, she has been so helpful. I have always enjoyed my in-laws but this time has been so special. We have shared colic, dirty diapers, first smiles, giggles, battery installation, diaper shopping, etc etc. She has helped (along with my wonderful family) to make my transition to motherhood easier, more enjoyable and less scary. I know she will be back soon but I don't want her to miss a minute of what is going to be the most amazing year of our lives.

Sunday was the baptism of my little niece. Check out photos on her blog. It was beautiful and the best part.....PLANKTON SLEPT RIGHT THRU IT!!!!! Also, little Madison seemed to enjoy it herself.

Then we stayed all day with Madison and her family to party and then party again for the superbowl. It was a great day....even if Plankton refused to take a decent nap.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1) yes, I am going to return to work, but a little later than I expected due to my broken tail bone and slow adjustment to mommyhood. I will be back to my "full schedule" by March....and a part time schedule before then. I don't know yet what we are doing for babycare. Some combination of Daddy working from home (maybe with some help from Char), Buddy cuddling him at the office and mommy reducing her hours.

2) Yes, thanks, I AM looking better. I have adjusted to an average of 3 hours of sleep as best I can. I finally know that everything is going to be okay.

3) Plankton IS big, he has nearly doubled in size :-)

4) Plankton is not his real name. It was our "belly name" for him and now it's his "blog name".

5) No he is not sleeping thu the night, he is still young, a "high needs" baby and he thinks he is going to starve if we don't feed him every 2-3 hours.....also, see #2

6) I know "it's going to get better soon" it soon yet?

7) Yup! He looks just like Daddy.....

8) NOPE! If it happened in the world after Dec. 2nd I know nothing about it....We didn't even watch the end of the superbowl....okay we did watch the inauguration...that was monumental.

9) why yes! he is the cutest, most handsome baby EVER!


Alex Smith said...

Yes, he is adorable! I'm glad you're feeling better! It's getter closer to soon every day.

The Parlette Gazette said...

Actually, I think he looks more like you now. And to clarify, I told my hubby that it was the dumbest question to ask a parent of a 3 month old if they're getting much sleep yet?! Oh, how soon he forgets. Well, since by this stage Marc slept right through everything, what could we expect, right?!

Natalie said...

Baby Jay or Plankton is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to hold him and spoil him rotten.


Teresa said...

Loving each and every post! Keep blogging!! Who needs sleep, anyway?