Thursday, February 12, 2009


This little yellow outfit was worn by my nephew and niece. My sister gave it to me when were trying to get pregnant as a good luck charm. She said our baby would wear it. She was so confident. I put this little outfit under my pillow and slept over it every night of my pregnancy. Hoping that we would not only become pregnant and stay pregnant but that I would carry a healthy baby and one who would wear this outfit just like his cousins did.

LOOK AT MY BOY!!! He is wearing that little outfit and it is nearly too small for him. :-)

What an awesome day! It's amazing how much can change in a year. Last year I was worried about my hormones and ovaries and this year I am worried about the Flu, all germs, and keeping my beautiful baby healthy.

I miss sleeping and being able to get showered and dressed in the morning without a big circus act.....but I don't miss all the worry over infertility and the possibility that we may never have a family....we are truly blessed this day!


Cheryl Carney Smith said...

What a beautiful Boy---JJ is the cutest baby and he is so lucky to have you & Jason as parents....Love Auntie Cheryl

Teresa said...

Hooray!!! Will you save this outfit for your first grandchild, too?