Thursday, April 02, 2009


Oh my! I can't believe our little one is four months today.

We are officially out of the "4th trimester". I appreciate this term now. It's when baby and mom are adjusting to their life with baby OUTSIDE the womb. It's truly an adjustment for both of us. So many things are talked about with "trimesters" of pregnancy. The sizes, what is developing etc. So to call these past few months another trimester makes sense.  It's a huge adjustment along with lots of numbers and statistics. The whole family changes and grows during each trimester but this 4th trimester is the hardest.  It's painful to grow that much. It's worth it but it is a painful process to outgrow your thoughts, your understanding of the world and your old life. All while gaining new skills in parenting, communication, eating and sleeping.

We have survived the change so far and on most days think we are doing so with flying colors.  The three of us are working as a team, which is amazing.  Daddy has been so patient, helpful and loving, baby keeps us laughing and puts up with our moments of parenting stupidity and mommy just hangs on for dear life.

Well, enough reflection and the much anticipated PICTURES:

Our preferred way to travel, around the house, at the store, etc etc....

His FAVORITE toy....a frog with two rings....he just lights up when it's brought out....and especially when daddy makes him sing and dance  :-)

Oh and the promised video of my baby LOVING himself on youtube:


Merry Karma said...

How cute! I had to show my mom and she loved it.

The Parlette Gazette said...

Okay. That kid is destined to be walking by 7 months! HOLY COW! I just saw him (although he was pretty sleepy) but I can't believe how active he really is.

You guys are doing a great job, for sure. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart and you guys are embracing all aspects (even the not so fun ones) with poise and grace. It's funny how different life seems on this side of cutting the umbilical chord! Thank goodness you have family close by who are going through the process with you. You're truly blessed!