Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Aunite Jen takes the BEST photos and Oprah is amazing!

Auntie Jen and Cousin Maddie came over for a visit. We went shopping for "Baby's First Easter Basket" (yes, it's really all for us, babies don't eat candy) and then played and had dinner together. She takes the best photos of the kids. The babies have recently started to recognize each other, smile and even coo at each other. It's so adorable....

Plankton is showing Maddie how to BOUNCE in the exersaucer

He is such a "little man"

Mommy's Beautiful Boy

For those who watch Oprah and for those who don't: the episode yesterday was WONDERFUL. It was all about Mommyhood and keeping it REAL. I loved it. If you are a mommy and have not yet seen it, I highly recommend watching it or reading about it here.

I plan to have a bigger post, but here are two "mommy confessions" for you:
I dropped Chocolate ice cream on my baby's head (before noon) while he was in the wrap.....and laughed.....he barely noticed.
And I have worn an outfit a whole day, slept in it and then wore it the next day.....hey, it already had drool on it, why start all over again?

What is your Mommy Confession? And what do you wish you could let go of in your life to enjoy motherhood more?


The Parlette Gazette said...

Mommy confession: I no longer care much about whether or not the kids eat their veggies. They'll get to it eventually. (Bad mommy, I know)
What I wish I could let go of: Feeling compelled to maintain friendships with people who obviously judge me. (No one who would be reading this!)

Maria said...

Mommy confession:
During a playdate water spilled on the carpet. The mom decided to just sit in the water to soak it up instead of getting a towel to clean it up. It was hilarious b/c she walked around with a wet butt for the rest of the morning and everyone kept saying to her "your butt is wet."