Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 week check up and I might be a Cylon....

We are finally over the Plague at our house. It left both hubby and I weak and tired (hubby more so than me). Thank goodness for the grandmothers. They came, they helped, they didn't get sick! It was awesome. We would not have made it without them....

Today was Plankton's 8 week check up. Here are his stats:

Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz
Length: 21 inches

Everything else was right on target. In fact, we are going to cancel the appt for the Developmental Pedi. Our doc feels confident that our lil' guy is right on track and doesn't require any special follow up from his NICU days. YIPPEE!

He is already doing all the good baby things: reaching for an object that is midline, following a voice from one side of the room to the other, seeking out mamma and daddy from other noises in the room, holding head up if you put him in a seated position or to look up at things, little push ups when lying on his belly, mirrors facial expressions, I could go on and on, he is my little genius.

We are officially out of Newborn size diapers and most clothing. We have moved into Size One and Size 0-3 month clothing....YEAH! He is finally big enough we can try our cloth diapers again.

Even tho I have watched enough TV in the past eight weeks to last several lifetimes......I loaded up Battlestar Galactica today. I didn't realize how many episodes behind I was.....I am so ready to start "THE FINAL EPISODES". Dang! I love that show. It's a pretty complex show for a mamma with only two talking brain cells....but I still enjoyed it. I did start to wonder if maybe I am the last cylon....I wouldn't mind having some collective knoweldge right about now and six's body ;-D

The rest of the week will be sad: no knitting tomorrow, my MIL will be back for a few days but they are her final days, then we have my nieces' baptism (okay, so that will be fun)...time is FLYING by. Soon, Plankton will be writing his own blog from college.....

I have to put in one more plug for Metro Moms they have a great calendar on their site for things to do in DFW with kids....and I have I mentioned they give away AWESOME prizes? :-D


eduininck said...

Love the picture of Plankton and Mommy adoring each other!

Elisha said...

he is so cute. And I should REALLY join metro moms. How lucky are you guys!!!???