Friday, January 09, 2009

Insomnia during new mommyhood  is just NOT okay......I did a search online for Domperidone (the medication I started to pump up my milk supply) and Insomnia.  It's a RARE side-effect (lucky me).  I feel pretty confident it's the medication since the ONLY other time I have had insomnia in my life was during the first trimester of pregnancy.

While I am motivated to make more milk for my boy, not sleeping does VERY much interfere with my ability to let's hope this side effect goes away with by TOMORROW!

Plankton is just sleeping away.....he is so adorable when he sleeps (I would post a photo but that might wake him up and even tho I am awake, it's nice that he is not).  So you get the one above's a weird angle but he's cute no matter what.

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