Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Update: and seven weeks today!
I finally made it to knit class last Wednesday.  It was awesome to see the 'gals', let Plankton meet his aunties and we celebrated my birthday.  The gals spoiled me with gift certificates.  I can hardly wait to get out and spend them  :-)

Check out these cupcakes....they were AMAZING.  I choose a lemon and blueberry one.  I am not a frosting fan but that blueberry frosting was so delicious I would have eaten a whole bowl of it.  Next time I am in Frisco, I am going to have to find this cupcake place for a second helping.
The cousins....hanging out looking adorable
Auntie Cheryl made custom bumpers and a blanket for Plankton's crib.....look how perfectly it matches the nursery!  The fabric has mamma and baby manatees.  Also, check out the mobile.  We finally installed it.  Plankton thinks it's just "amazing".  :-)  THANK YOU!!!!

Plankton is seven weeks old today, he witnessed the inauguration of our 44th president with mommy and daddy.  What an historic moment for all of us!


The Parlette Gazette said...

AHHH! He's getting so big so fast! I've got to come see him again...sooooon! :)

Elisha said...

the cupcakes look yummy. What is the name of this place? We are in Frisco every Sat. for skate lessons.

The bedding looks adorable!